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Portfolio section does not display properly in Chrome


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    Robert Janke started the conversation


    In my portfolio section I'm using the normal and slider layout type. However, when the portfolio section loads in the Chrome browser, the browser does not move to/ display the relevant section. I have to manually scroll up the screen to see the loaded portfolio section. In the Edge browser it works perfectly. After clicking on the portfolio item, it loads and then the screen moves to the loaded section.

    Same issue when I try the Newave demo.

    Thanks and regards


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    Support replied

    Hello Robert,

    Thank you for pointing this to us.

    plz open /js/scripts.js and insert between lines 960 and 961

    jQuery('html, body').animate({ scrollTop: jQuery("#project-page-holder").offset().top + 1}, 600);

    and then hard refresh (Ctrl+F5) the homepage in order to see the changes.

    Thank you. 

    Clapat Support