How do i replicate demo slider ?

Replicating the demo slider is very easy. You have all the images already included in demo content .zip, and you have to recreate the slides manually using revolution slider interface, which is very easy, and also has its own documentation (revolution slider). I had attached some screenshots and a short video overview of setup. Also you can import all setings for slider using import function of revolution slider, and importing the file attached (main.txt). We will try to find a way to replicate the content easier. http://screencast.com/t/0QLLHogA http://clapat.ro/themes/simplehosting/presentation/sliderscreenshots/main.txt http://clapat.ro/themes/simplehosting/presentation/sliderscreenshots/slide1.jpg http://clapat.ro/themes/simplehosting/presentation/sliderscreenshots/slide2.jpg http://clapat.ro/themes/simplehosting/presentation/sliderscreenshots/slide3.jpg