Hi,I like to have two team_carousels on my site. The slide function doesn´t work. thank you.

The reason you cannot add two team carousels it's because they will have the same ids (.our-team-new) causing a conflict in the page.

To enable multiple team carousels, you must use html code inseatd of shorcodes and use different ids for each of them (our-team-new1, our-team-new2, etc)

Then, in the /js/scripts.js file duplicate initialization for each id (line 181)

if( jQuery('.our-team-new').length > 0 ){


width: '100%',

height: 'auto',

prev: '#prev3',

next: '#next3',

align: "center",

scroll: 1,

auto: false,

visible: {

min: 1,

max: 5