AJAX loading and WPBakery

WPBakery row's properties and some of the elements are not compatible with AJAX loading

1. There is a simple way to set the properties with AJAX loading of the rows you have set in WPBakery:

- load the page directly in your browser.

- right click and select View page source

- look for <style type="text/css" data-type="vc_shortcodes-custom-css">

- copy everything (including) between 

<style type="text/css" data-type="vc_shortcodes-custom-css">...</style>

- add a raw html element at the bottom pf the page and paste it there.

Is recommended to create your own CSS classes in appearance -> customizer -> additional CSS and add them to Extra class name attribute of the current row. This works great with AJAX loading.

We have some predefined classes that may help you:

row_padding_top - adds a top padding of 120px

row_padding_bottom - adds a botom padding of 100px

has-animation - adds a fading animation effect

small – small row width.

full – makes the row full width.

text-align-center – center aligns the text within the row.

has-animation – adds an animation effect

one_half – First 1/2 Column

one_half last – Last 1/2 Column

one_third – 1/3 Columns

two_third last – 2/3 Column

2. Use the child theme we prepared for using WPBakery Page builder and that can be found in the main archive. This enqueues basic WPBakery libraries and styles and initializes common elements for use in every page. However we do not claim it will work with all WPBakery elements and add ons

3. Add a specific page as custom link in the primary menu. This way the page will load normally and you do not have to disable AJAX throughout the entire site.